Over time the World Wide Web, has changed the way that it is used because you are now able to do a bunch of different things that can have a positive impact.  These things are now possible because of Tim Berners-Lee. Now people are able to have access with just the touch of a finger, with smartphones being created.  Most people use their phone everyday, multiple times throughout the day.  Therefore, they use the World Wide Web. It is something that has become a part of who people are.  It is a way that people are able to go on Facebook and stay in touch with the people that they do not have the chance of seeing everyday.  They able to see how others are doing and remain involved in their lives.  The World Wide Web has provided an efficient source for performing research in an academic environment.  By containing a surplus of information instantaneously, it allows students to finish their research in a more timely manner.  The World Wide Web has drastically reduced, if not eliminated completely, the daunting task of flipping through books in the library and allowed people to have research materials at the tip of their figures. The ability to access digital information on the web allows for a more positive ergonomic experience, even the illumination of a screen allows for reading during anytime of the day without having to worry about turning on a light which allows for a more personalized experience.


History of the Web.