• Web 3.0

  • What is it?

    • The next step from web 2.0 most commonly called the “web revolution”, that connects humans with their devices via the internet. Searches will become more personalized and relay information based off a user’s location or preferences based off previous gatherings of data. After an extended amount of time online, web 3.0 will serve as a personal assistant towards the user. [1]

    • Semantic Web- “Semantic”= Data Driven where data will come from the user and data will adjust to meet that user’s needs. Advertisements greatly benefit off this tool, especially combining keyword searches.[2]

    • Lifestreams/Waves - Unlike static video, live stream video is used by advertisers that wish to place customizable videos that appeal to the user immediately.[3]

    • Behavioral Advertising- A broad set of activities that companies engage in to collect information about a user's online activity and later use the data collected to display content that would be more relevant. [4]

    • RDF/RDFS- "Resource Description Framework", serves as the standard model for how to describe any internet resource, such as a website and it's content. Information provided in an RDF includes, author of the resource, date the content was created or updated and how it is organized. [5]

    • OWL -"Web Ontology Language", serves as a set markup languages designed to process content of information rather that just presenting information. [6]

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