Privacy Policy is essential when it comes to Web 3.0 and is needed more than ever. Privacy Policy is used to help understand what data certain companies are collecting, the reason they collect it and what that information is being used for. Many people are concerned what their information is being used for. If personal information such as passwords, credit card information is being stored on a server. Their information can be exploited by by Companies, who may and try to sell them products and exploit their anonymity . With Web 3.0 access to information is so readily available, data needs to be obtainable from anywhere through the internet with the rise of smartphones. It’s important to know where that information is going and who’s hands it’s in. Companies such as Google have a Privacy Policy that is set in place. Since companies like Google collect so much information, It’s important to know what that information is being used for. Most users would prefer their information not to be collected as it’s an invasion of privacy. However the problem is most people are completely unaware that their information is being gathered. Extensions such as Ghostery, have been created in order for websites to stop collecting information. Ghostery is a browser extension that can be added to Firefox or Chrome and blocks the sharing of private information.

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