Business 3.0

Business Projection by 2020

Evolution of Business Edit

The result will be a personalized browsing experience for individuals and a flow of data that companies can apply to product development, sales and marketing, and other business operations. An important aspect of Web 3.0 is management of a companies online reputation. Personalized information for customers. Pharmaceuticals can personalize information and medicine to individuals. Websites and companies can allow gadgets and widgets to enter their infrastructure allowing for implementation of personalized functions and features , this would inevitably improve the quality of online U/X .


Personalized web page (should not be confused with user created data which is a web 2.0 function ) allows consumers to visit a company page and alter the design, allowing consumers to create a web page that places their individual priorities. Example would be of a personal banking website, a consumer organizing and adding widgets to the website can opt to have a widget that makes transferring money from one account to another by just clicking on the widget once. As opposed to having to go through several web links to get to the right page that allows you to make a transfer. It is, in a way, an open source company website for consumers.