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Personalized Customer Experience

A new Personalized experience model

The web 3.0 allows for the gradual personalization of the web and all systems connected to it. What this means is that the systems connected to a person will speak to each other gaining more personalized knowledge as to what a person is looking for. Web 3.0 is essentially getting to know people and what makes us tick. The communication between man and machine went from being a monologue to a dialog. This means that all of the features of the systems connected to the 3.0 will cater and adjust itself to what a person typically may like. The web 3.0 and all the systems connected to it will develop a unique vocabulary on the foundation of the conversations that it has with a person.

By “conversation” it is understood as the interaction between a person and a system connected to web 3.0 . Search results, task, application references and operational functions of systems will run smoother and be more fitted to what the person who converses with the systems .

Personal Settings and AccesibilityEdit

Systems will simultaneously be adjusted across platforms through web 3.0 . It will act as a filter that builds a criteria of preferences based on previously gained information of the user and use that information as a filter. Visiting websites will come readjusted to your needs for anyone with a disability


Increasing Accessibility functions

There is currently a screen brightened setting on most smartphones that automatically adjust the phone screen lighting based on the environmental light intensity. If a person connects their smart phone via Bluetooth connectivity to a smart bulb, while the smart phone is connected to the web 3.0 , the smart lights which are light bulbs that can connect to any internet connected device to determine light intensity. Having a smart bulb connect to your phone through web 3.0 will allow the smart bulbs to read the screen adjustment of the smartphone and using that data, the light bulbs will also adjust the brightness of the room just like a smartphone will adjust the brightness of the screen based on how bright the environment is.