In order to create a 3.0 Web, designers will have to have a different approach. Web developers and designers will need to aim for a more simplistic design where there are no content distractions for the user. A site like jdvhotels is a great example. It is an interactive website, meaning that depending on your screen size it will adapt to the screen of the device you are using to show the user the most readable information as possible.

Here is a screenshot of the website in a computer:


Here is another screenshot of the same website being ran on a phone:


We can see how the website when being used on the computer it show everything at the same time for the user to read. However, when the website is being ran on the phone the website reduces the amount of information being shown to the user to make it less distracting and readable. These are some of the features on Web 3.0 that designers will need to take into considerations when creating these websites.